Media representatives must complete the relevant form online. Only completed registration forms will be submitted to the committee for approval.

A confirmation of registration will be sent by email after the committee has studied and approved the completed form and that the applicant’s documents have been verified including the professional card.

Please bring this confirmation to be able to withdraw your badges at the registration desk.

Please Note that access to the conference center will not be possible without this identification.

On-site Registration

An on-site accreditation desk will be set up in the registration area. However, we recommend registering online before the Conference to avoid long queues, when registering on site.

Electronic Badge

All media representatives will receive an official badge for the conference. This badge, which cannot be transferred, must be worn all the time during the Conference. Access to meeting and conference rooms will only be permitted upon presentation of the badge.

Loss of Badge

The badge must be worn all the time throughout the Conference. Access to conference rooms will be permitted on presentation of a valid badge. If a media representative loses, misplaces or forgets his badge, he/she will have to visit the registration desk to get a new one.


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