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MIM requests proposals for symposia to be presented at the 7th edition of MIM conference. The symposium format is intended to allow a broad and synthesized review of a given topic, with ample time for discussion. The MIM conference scientific Committee will evaluate all proposals and selects those for presentation according to defined selection criteria. Due to the expected large number of proposals, the selection process will be competitive.

Criteria for Symposium Format and Submission



  • Priority will be given to proposals with a speaker panel that reflects diversity. Organizers should consider diversity with respect to gender, institutional background and country of origin when developing symposium proposals.
  • Each symposium requires a primary organizer/chair who serves as the single point of contact for the submission process. While not required, the organizer may appoint a co-chair.



Proposals should include original data and/or concepts that promote broad debate and synthesis presented by experts in the field. They should have a cohesive theme, clear objectives and a detailed description of content. All talks should have a descriptive title. Priority will be given to proposals in which presentations and speakers are identified and described in sufficient detail. Provide a brief background and areas of expertise for all speakers.


Priority will be given to proposals that focus on emerging concepts and timely topics. If your topic was presented at a recent Annual Meeting, focus on novel aspects to avoid redundancy and indicate why you believe your proposal provides important follow-up.    


Selecting the correct category is extremely important to ensure your symposium The 7th MIM scientific Committee welcomes symposium proposals on a wide range of topics as reflected in the choice of categories below, also found in the online proposal system.


Each symposium is 105 minutes. The Program Committee highly recommends a four-talk format, with each speaker presenting for approximately 20 minutes followed by a few minutes of questions. Co-chairs may also serve as speakers. Alternative formats, such as a moderated debate or point-counterpoint style for controversial or debatable topics, may be proposed.

  • Allowing time for a discussion at the end of the session is encouraged.
  • Do not indicate a speaker name as “To be determined.” The Program Committee evaluates symposia based on both the quality of the content and proposed speakers.
  • Precise times for all presentations must be specified since attendees depend on reliable start times for each speaker, as noted in the Program Book.

The date and time of accepted symposium will be available in December 2017. Please note that MIM conference cannot guarantee scheduling of a symposium on a specific day or time. 7th MIM conference reserves the right to make editorial changes to descriptions, presentation titles and speaker affiliations for the purpose of clarification and brevity.


Please select the correct category on the MIM conference thematics areas defined by the scientific committee, also found in the online proposal system.  


   1 – Title : (50 words max)    2 – Organiser(s): individual name(s), institution, organisation, consortium… and addresses    3 – Purpose and objective (max. 100 words).    4 – Symposium Description – 500 words max    5 – Rationale for Topic Description – 200 words max    6 – Categories : (on the thematic areas) more than one can be chosen    7 – Chair and co chairs: name, affiliation, addresses    8 – Coordinator and contact person : name, affiliation, addresses, email, phone    9 – Format (presentations, debate, round table discussion… Please specify duration of parts)  10 – Speakers: names, affiliations, address, title, brief description of speaker’s background, funding of attendance  11 – Expected number of attendees  12 – Special remarks or requests  


  • The Symposium Organizer will be sent an invoice for the 2000$ fee approximately 24 hours after the symposium acceptance notice relaeased. Payment is due within a month after acceptance notice. The organizers reserve the right to cancel any symposium of which the payment is not made after this one month period and without prior agreement with the organizing committee.
  • After acceptance of a proposal, no substantial change can be made to the format, topics or total number of speakers without approval from the scientific committee.



 7th MIM conference records many symposia to produce a digital webcast library of selected presentations for educational purposes.

  • 7th MIM conference may contact selected symposium organizers and speakers regarding interacting with the news media on topics of particular media interest.



• November 14, 2016 : First call symposium

• April 1st, 2017 :  Second call for symposium

• April 1, 2017 : Online submission site available here

December 20, 2017 : Submission closes

• October-December, 2017 : Electronic evaluation of conference symposiums

• December 2017 : Symposium notices    


Contact Jean Louis Ndiaye, member of 7th MIM local organization  committee, at jlndiaye@mim2018.com or phone 00221 77 644 59 17  


If you are interested in proposing a symposium that is organized or co-organized by a commercial interest, please consider organizing a Sponsored Symposium. Contact Jean Louis Ndiaye, at jlndiaye@mim2018.com or phone 00221 77 644 59 17    


By submitting a symposium proposal, the organizer agrees to the symposium policies on behalf of all participants symposium organizer, co-chairs and speakers. MIM conference sends updates to the organizer. The symposium organizer is responsible for advising participants of all symposium policies.  

As the Symposium Organizer, I confirm that:

  • Membership Requirement for Symposium Organizer or Symposium Co-Chair

I understand that either the symposium organizer or the symposium co-chair must be registered at the conference.

  • Permission for Recording of Presentation

On behalf of my symposium participants, I hereby give permission for MIM conference, its agents and representatives to audio record and produce a digital webcast library of all presentations in this symposium and grant MIM conference a nonexclusive, royalty-free license to distribute those electronic media, and to use the material they contain, including materials the symposium organizer, co-chairs and speakers choose to provide, for any lawful purpose, including publication in the conference proceedings, sales to members and the general public and/or distribution to attendees or via the Internet. I confirm that the symposium participants understand that they will receive no remuneration for such usage. I confirm that I have received permission from all speakers in this symposium to audio record the session. If a speaker for this symposium is replaced for any reason, I confirm that I give permission on behalf of the replacement speaker to audio record his/her presentation.


If you responded that either you or your spouse/domestic partner have a financial relationship, agreement or affiliation with a commercial entity, indicate the method you will use to resolve this conflict of interest (check one)

  • a) The financial relationship indicated does not affect the content of my presentation.
  • b) Limit the content to a report without recommendations. If an individual has been funded by a commercial interest to perform research, the individual’s presentation may be limited to the data and results of the research. Someone else can be assigned to address broader implications and recommendations.
  • c) Limit the sources for recommendations. Rather than having a person with a conflict of interest present personal recommendations or personally select the evidence to be presented, limit the role of the person to reporting recommendations based on formal structured reviews of the literature with the inclusion and exclusion criteria stated (‘evidence-based’). For example, the individual could present summaries from the systematic reviews of the Cochrane Collaboration.


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