Catégorie: Actualité Publié le 01/04/2017

The Head of the UCAD Parasitology Mycology Department, Professor Oumar Gaye and his team, made a visit on Monday, March 27, 2017, to the Research and Training Centre of Keur Socé in the district of Ndoffane, 200 km from Dakar and 15 km from the city of Kaolack. The objective of the mission was to take stock of the Centre and assess and analyse possible improvements to be made on the spot.

The visit was organized as a prelude to the launch of the West Africa Global Health Alliance (WAGHA) scheduled for 7 April in Dakar. An event that demonstrates the strong scientific collaboration between Senegal and The Gambia.

The Keur Socé Research and Training Centre was established in 2009 with the support of the Malaria Clinical Trial Alliance (MCTA), the Gates Foundation and the EDTCP. Research activities have been carried out regularly since 2010.

The Centre is a platform where malaria research programmes and programmes expanded to include other tropical diseases such as emerging bacterial diseases are being developed.

It also addresses research issues related to tropical pathologies, particularly in rural areas. One of the peculiarities of the centre is its observatory for demographic and health monitoring of populations. The data gathered therein enable the implementation of strategies, in particular, preventive or curative interventions. The Keur Socé Centre also allows the regular evaluation of the new diagnostic and protocol tools carried out by the Parasitology Department of the UCAD Faculty of Medicine.

The centre also serves as a framework for the organisation of training sessions for biological technicians and young researchers.

To facilitate the smooth running of the various activities carried out therein, the centre has lodging facilities for the reception of students, medical officers and other trainee scientists.

The Keur Socé Training and Research Centre is well positioned to show all the achievements of the Faculty of Medicine’s Department of Parasitology Mycology at major conferences such as the forthcoming MIM international conference on malaria that will be held in Dakar in April 2018. A meeting that will be organised by the Department of Parasitology Mycology and at which are expected some 2,500 participants.